The site “The Longobards in Italy. The Places of Power (568-774 AD”, is managed by the association Italia Langobardorum, of which are members the municipalities where the assets included in the UNESCO WHL are located: Cividale del Friuli, Brescia, Castelseprio, Spoleto, Campello sul Clitunno, Benevento and Monte Sant’Angelo

Founded in 2008, the association is based in the Municipality of Spoleto and is responsible for initiating, coordinating and monitoring network actions related to the enhancement, promotion and awareness of the UNESCO site.

The activities promoted and organised by the Association are numerous, thanks also to the contributions granted in accordance with Law 77/2006 by MiBACT to support the projects presented, all aimed at the knowledge and enhancement of the Longobard historical and artistic heritage as well as at raising the awareness of local communities:
2011 – the Longobards: a common heritage at the roots of our culture;
2012 – Educational-training project for teachers with innovative teaching tools for educating young people on the values of Longobard culture;
2013 – Educational project for pupils and teachers using classical and multimedia methods for the dissemination of the values of Longobard culture;
At table with King Rothari. Culture and food of the Longobards as a paradigm for the integration of
peoples through classical and multimedia methods;
2015 – The Longobards from archaeological excavation to the schoolroom;
2016 – Longobards “on display”. Exchanges and sharing between museums to highlight the Lombard heritage;
2017 – Hands-on experience of the Longobards
2018 – Update of the PDG through participatory processes

These projects were implemented through various actions that resulted in the production of tools, workshops, exhibitions, documentaries, conferences and study days, and participation in important trade fair events

Associazione Italia Langobardorum